Christmas Decoration Ideas

For those who want to create a chic and impressive holiday decor scheme on the cheap, these holiday decorating ideas will surely get the creative ideas.

Preparing for holiday home decorating doesn’t have to be an expensive or difficult endeavor. While the simplest option may be to simply place a mishmash of holiday home décor and Christmas ornaments that have been collected throughout the years, this certainly doesn’t make for a chic holiday home décor display. Use these tips and tricks to attractively decorate your home for the holidays.

Holiday Home Decor Idea #1: Color Coordinated

New York City is famous for its chic and elaborately decorated Christmas window displays from stores like Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. What do all of these Christmas store window displays have in common? They are all decorated using careful color coordination. Take a cue from the professional set designers that have created these breathtaking holiday displays and use color coordination to create a color coordinated holiday home décor scheme that is fit to impress every guest that walks through the door.

For example, consider using blue and silver Christmas tree decorations instead of placing a mishmash of random Christmas ornaments on the tree. Incorporate the blue and silver color scheme into the rest of the holiday décor by choosing throw pillows, area rugs, candles and figurines in those colors. Simplifying the overall holiday color scheme will create a chic and glamorous Christmas décor scheme.

Holiday Home Decor Idea #2: Fireplace Alternatives

Many renters don’t have the pleasure of enjoying a fireplace in their apartment. Apartment dwellers need not be discouraged from hanging traditional Christmas décor like stocking and mantle decorating. While it will require a bit of ingenuity and informality, these Christmas decorating traditions can be carried out.

Consider hanging Christmas stockings from built-in bookshelves or a built-in buffet. Having a mantle in your living room isn’t necessary in order to inject some Christmas spirit, choose to decorate the TV stand or entertainment center by using Christmas ornament garland. While these ideas won’t replace a traditional fireplace, they make festive stand-ins to bring Christmas spirit into the room.

Holiday Home Decor Idea #3: Paper Christmas Ornaments

Christmas decorating need not be expensive. In fact, stepping out to purchase Christmas tree ornaments isn’t necessary when creating DIY paper Christmas tree ornaments is simple. Take three pieces of paper in festive colors or finishes (wrapping paper or scrapbook paper are good options) and cut them into 1” by 11” strips. Place the three pieces side-by-side and cut the center piece down to 6”. Then, pinch all three pieces together to give the ornament volume at the sides and staple at the ends. Hang the ornament by using a needle to thread a string onto the ornament.


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